Monday, October 8, 2012

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python | Free Online Course

The course titled "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python" just started on coursera. The course is eight weeks long and free to attend. It consists of video lectures, quizes and mini projects. There is also a forum to discuss things.

From their website:
This class is eight weeks long. For each week, you will watch two sets of videos (part a and part b) and then complete one quiz for each set. These quizzes are due on Tuesday/Thursday, respectively. The main task for each week is to complete a mini-project that is due on Saturday. You will then be asked to assess your peer's mini-projects on the following Sunday/Monday. 
Here is the syllabus in detail:

Week 1
Topics: Expressions, variables, functions, conditionals
Mini-project: "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock" game

Week 2
Topics: Event-driven programming, local and global variables, buttons and input fields
Mini-project: "Guess the Number" game

Week 3
Topics: The canvas, static drawing, timers, interactive drawing
Mini-project: Stopwatch: The Game

Week 4
Topics: Lists, keyboard input, motion, positional/velocity control
Mini-project: "Pong" game

Week 5
Topics: Mouse input, more lists, dictionaries, images
Mini-project: "Memory" game

Week 6
Topics: Classes, tiled images
Mini-project: "Blackjack" game

Week 7
Topics: Acceleration and friction, spaceship class, sprite class, sound
Mini-project: Spaceship from "RiceRocks" game

Week 8
Topics: Sets, groups of sprites, collisions, sprite animation
Mini-project: Full "RiceRocks" game

So, if you have interest and have time (5-6 hours per week), you can join the course now.

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