Install IDLE in Linux

IDLE is a very nice and common tool for python programming. In windows, it comes with default python installation. But in Linux it doesn't come built in. So in Ubuntu I used Synaptic Package Manager to download/install IDLE. Fedora systems comes with Python but dont come with IDLE.. In fact if you search for a package or rpm named idle, you wont find that. IDLE is in python-tools package. So the following command (as root) will install IDLE in Fedora or other RedHat systems.

yum install python-tools

To download Python:

Enjoy your ride on Python !


azalea said…
In debian, including ubuntu, to install IDLE:
sudo apt-get install idle
Aruni RC said…
but how to install IDLE3 in Ubuntu? I'm gettting unresolvable dependencies...
kambohg said…
where is admin i wantr some help plz if u know paythin very well then plz help me i m new i want learn it but how main id is any 1 can teach me thanks
Anonymous said…
Hi. In Ubuntu just try:

#apt-get install idle idle-python2.6

(Default IDLE version is IDLE3)
Anonymous said…
Hi, there,
The menu bar of Python IDLE in Ubuntu 11.04 is so small that I can barely see the texts. Any ideas to fix this? Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hi there,
The menu bar of python IDLE in Ubuntu 11.04 is so small that I can barely see the menu texts. Any ideas to fix this? Thanks.
Unknown said…
Thank you! It was driving me nuts that my newly installed Fedora 19 system didn't have IDLE and I wasn't sure where to look.

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